Deep Drain Cleaning Service

DMS has a 3-step proprietary periodic deep drain cleaning process. First we use a solution that breaks down all grease, oils and other organic matter trapped in the drains. Second, we scrape out all stubborn particles left behind. Third, we use over 200 degree steam to break down and effectively “boil” out and sanitize the drains which leaves the drains odor-free and able to flow at their original intended rate. This service will greatly reduce the need to call out plumbers, saving you thousands of dollars a year!

Fruit Fly Fighter

This formulation is sprayed under and around food service equipment, along baseboards and garbage cans and pads. This natural repellent has no odor and will break down organic matter in target areas further eliminating other sources of nourishment.

5X Slip Fix Treatment

Slip Fix is a protein rich enzyme infused solution with live bacteria which works in tandem to break down and recycle nutrients on floors. With proper and regular application of our proprietary 5X product, your surfaces and drains will consume and degrade the polymers, which all fats, oils, grease, cellulose and proteins have in their makeup. This will greatly reduce the chances of worrisome slips and falls in your establishment.

Outbreak Defender

This is a product which has a GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) rating which means it can be used where people are present at any time. Outbreak Defender can be used in any food service environment for the purpose of knocking down and eliminating any airborne fruit flies in the establishment. This product is compounded with natural peppermint oils and leaves a pleasant scent.

Drain Gel Treatment

This is a live bacteria-based gel designed to be applied directly into drain lines. The gel will adhere to the inside of the lines and will continue to digest all organic residue, which provides an excellent food source for the flies. Regular treatment enables that breeding environments are greatly reduced and even eliminated.

Restroom Services Program

Our technicians can assist you in ensuring overall restroom sanitation levels remain high at all times. Our coordinated fragrance systems include automatic metered spray units, odor neutralizing spray and splash free urinal screens. This service is performed simultaneously with the drain treatment program.